data scientist, software engineer

contact & media

+1 (281) 222-0795
Houston, TX

personal statement

My mission is to provide thoughtful data analytics, insights, and predictive models which when combined with trained intuition and expert knowledge results in both data-driven and data-informed decision making, adding business value. I build useful models and software which enable people to achieve these outcomes easier and more efficiently.

skills & tools


  • Programming in Python & C++
    • Git, GitHub, & version control
    • Anaconda, Conda, & Pipenv
    • JupyterLab & Jupyter Notebooks
    • VSCode, PyCharm, Spyder
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Unit testing & coverage
    • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Mathematics & Statistical analysis
    • Statsmodels, R, RStudio
  • Data analytics & data visualization
    • Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh
    • Tableau
  • Machine Learning & AI
    • Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch
    • Supervised & Unsupervised learning
    • Regression, Classification, Clustering
    • Structured & Unstructured datasets
    • Computer Vision, OpenCV
  • Web App Development
    • Flask, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
    • Ruby, Jekyll, Bundler
    • DigitalOcean Droplets
    • GitHub Pages
  • Linux / MacOS / Windows
    • Ubuntu / Debian / Red Hat / Fedora
    • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive)
  • Creating, contributing to, & using Open Source Software (OSS)
  • SQL & relational databases


  • Research
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Presenting
  • Generating business value
  • Intellectual curiosity & critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Fast learner
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Authenticity
  • Building credibility
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Multi-tasking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Active listening
  • Mentoring
  • Identifying & engaging with key stakeholders


Predicting missing borehole sonic well logs (2020, 2021)
  • Machine learning competition hosted by the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) to foster novel work flows to predict crucial missing sonic borehole well logs using commonly available well log data
  • Technology: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, XGBoost, Matplotlib, JupyterLab, VSCode
  • 2021: Flask web app & API to serve model:
PySeisTuned seismic forward modeling Flask web app (2020)
  • Enable users to calculate seismic tuning wedge forward models on the web
  • Developed to make previous PyQT5-based GUI application more accessible as a web app
  • Technology: Python, Flask, Bokeh, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PyCharm
  • Deployed at:

work experience

Chevron Corporation, Geophysicist, November 2020 – present
  • Leading multiple competitive business unit growth opportunities into a new organization
  • Learning and adapting to new processes and procedures on the job in a fast-paced environment
  • Networking and building relationships with new colleagues in a virtual environment
  • Facilitating transfer of data between new teams across new digital infrastructure
Noble Energy, Inc., Geophysicist, March 2013 – November 2020
  • Collect, clean, analyze, interpret, and document large quantities of structured and unstructured datasets
  • Integrate complex data from different sources, vintages, and scales for qualitative & quantitative interpretation
  • Support portfolio ranking & management by applying risk analysis and building probabilistic Monte Carlo models for exploration phase pre-drill subsurface in-place hydrocarbon resource estimates
  • Identification of irreducible uncertainties through Value of Information (VOI) exercises which enable team to focus on what best moves the needle
  • Quantifying and communicating subsurface commerciality and risk to assist business development deal teams focused on investment opportunity decisions
  • Tailoring presentations and communications of technical work for all levels of company management
  • Working in and leading multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams focused on collaborative problem solving
  • Setting project schedules and practicing effective time management and project management
  • Fostering intellectual curiosity amongst teammates by asking questions and challenging the status quo
  • Mentoring & training interns, new hires, and early career staff


Master of Science, Geophysics

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 2013

Bachelor of Science, Geophysics, Minors in History & Business

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, 2010


  • Chevron Data Science Development Program, 2021
  • Volunteer, TX Premier Soccer Club video & analytics, 2019-2020
  • Co-chair, Noble Energy Technology Conference, Noble Energy Inc., 2020
  • Python for Data Science & Machine Learning, Udemy, 2019
  • Introduction to Energy Data Science workshop in Python, Daytum, 2019
  • Introduction to Subsurface Machine Learning workshop, Daytum, 2019
  • Exceptional Contribution Award, Noble Energy Inc., 2017
  • Best Presentation, Noble Energy Technology Conference, Noble Energy Inc., 2015
  • Geoscience campus recruiter, Noble Energy Inc., 2014 – 2019
  • Reviewer, Geophysics, Interpretation, & SEG Annual Conference abstracts, 2014 – present

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